Thanksigivng day is November 23, 2023

The key to any success is in the planning. Let us help you be well equipped for your harvest meal with this easy walkthrough.

Step 2.
Know your turkey lingo.

Picking out the right bird can be tricky. You'll need to order ahead and there is a lot to know about what kind of turkey you want.

Free-range: This is a bird that is not raised in a cage and is free to graze on any grasses or grains it can find in its pen, which is generally considered a more humane and healthy poultry farming process.

All of the turkeys we offer are free-range.

Organic: The U.S.D.A. requires that all turkeys sold as organic must be raised free-range, without the use of antibiotics, and fed an organic and vegetarian diet that has not been treated with pesticides.

While none of the turkeys that we offer have gone through the certification process, ALL of the farms we work with meet this standard.

Heritage Breed: Heritage turkeys are old-fashioned varieties of birds that were common in America until the 1920s. They have a richer, more distinct flavor, more like a game bird, and have a greater proportion of dark meat.

We offer three heritage breed turkeys: the Kelly Bronze, the Heritage Bronze, and the Heritage Black.

White Hybrid: The variety is the Broad Breasted White, which was bred to have a plumper, broader breast. A white hybrid turkey should be brined; it will noticeably improve the texture. Season generously.

We offer two white hybrid turkeys: the Whiffletree White and the Ashley White.

Wild Turkey: It is illegal in the United States to sell a truly wild turkey that’s been shot by a hunter. To procure a truly wild turkey you will need to either shoot one yourself or befriend a hunter.

Step 3.
Choose the right size turkey.

Every Thanksgiving table is different. Some are huge multi-generational groups, others small get-togethers. Some want to have left-overs for days, others are ready to move on after the meal.

One pound per person: This will feed everyone but not leave much for leftovers. We recommend following this equation for sizing your bird:

[Number of guests]
[2 to 4 lbs]
[turkey size range]

Flexibility: Turkeys can range quite a bit in size and with all things agricultural there is a certain amount of variability that is determined by nature. This is why we sell each turkey in a weight range. When you place your order, let us know what your ideal is within that range and we will do our very best to accommodate your goal.

Remember, we fill our turkey orders in the sequence that the orders were taken, so call early to reserve your bird. We can always add to your order with other items or make adjustments up until the ordering deadline of Nov 15, 2023.

Step 4.
Plan what else will be on the table.

Planning a really good menu is the stealth approach to being a really good cook. What leaves an impression is not only the dishes you have, but also how they taste, look and feel when assembled into a meal.

A Few Pointers

The pitfall to avoid is repeating ingredients. If you are serving pecan pie for dessert, don’t put out spiced pecans as an hors d’oeuvre. Both may be fabulously delicious, but the pie just won’t be as appealing by the time dessert rolls around.

Variety is especially important at Thanksgiving. You are likely to be collecting guests with different tastes, allergies and aversions around one table. You might have some "meat and potatoes" people and possibly a vegetarian of vegan to balance too.

Assess your skillsets & time. If you’re a novice, stick to the essentials: turkey, gravy, stuffing, a cranberry sauce, potatoes, and a vegetable of some kind. Seasoned cooks should pick a dish or two each year that will stretch their skills. Everyone on the skill spectrum should consider how much time they are able to budget for preparing the meal. This is hugely helpful in keeping the holiday low-stress and enjoyable.

Let us help. We offer a variety of different side dishes for your table, each crafted with care & love. These sides can simply be heated in a pan or in the oven alongside your turkey, saving time and planning. Build your meal from our list, or supplement your cooking with some of our dishes to give your own your undivided attention.

Step 5.
Order Ahead

Orders are filled in the order we receive them. Therefore, if you order your turkey early, you might get exactly the size you like; but if you order late, we will try to get the closest turkey we can to the size you request. You can continue to add to your order until the deadline of November 15.

Also, keep in mind that we will be closed from Thanksgiving Day, November 23 until Tuesday, November 28, so when placing your Thanksgiving order be sure to order for meals for the rest of the weekend.

Scheduling your Pickup Time

In order to keep everyone in our shop safe and sane this Thanksgiving, we are having everyone select a pickup window. This way, we can ensure that the shop is not getting too crowded, allowing for a smooth and safe experience for everyone.

Because of the peculiarities of our system, when you go through the checkout process, you will have to select your pickup window twice: first from the list, and second from a calendar. Making sure these match will ensure that your order is placed in the proper place and ready to go when you arrive.

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