Treat your sweetie right by picking up your dinner from The Whole Ox and cooking together at home.

This year we are offering three variations on a box for your special evening together. Each box will be ready to go for you. All you have to do is heat the food, open the wine, and enjoy. Maybe light some candles too for good measure.

Expand your knowledge in the field to enhance your kitchen skills.

We are offering a series of classes designed to bring the experience of the butcher into the kitchen.  Each class will be an intimate focus on giving you the tools to upping your cooking game.

Your Local Butcher Shop.

The Whole Ox is an old-fashioned, full-service butcher shop specializing in whole, local foods from your neighbors' farms.

Our meats are raised ethically on pasture without the addition of hormones and antibiotics. We use this lens of ethical farming for everything, applying it to all items in our shop, our lives, and our community.

The Butcher's Burgers & More

Made in house. Made with love.